5 Inventions That Revolutionized the World


Top 5 inventions that revolutionized the worldHuman by nature is an inquisitive animal. From incidental inventions like fire to manufactured inventions like the wheel, rebellious inventions like an astronomical telescope to medicinal inventions like penicillin, the human mind has deciphered many impossible hindrances of life. Because of these inventions, human species now rule the world.


Here is the list of top 5 manufactured inventions that revolutionized the world and the life of living organism on the earth.


  1. World Wide Web (WWW)  


It is the biggest ever invention that tied the whole world into a single web. Sir Tim Berners-Lee is the man behind the famous WWW. After the invention of the Internet, it seems, the world fails to look back. Satellite, space invasion, internet marketing, networking tools, smartphones, gadgets, everything that was earlier used to be confined to science fiction now has turned into reality.


  1. Computer


One of the greatest inventions that changed the working perspective of the whole world on this Earth planet was the computer. Started from the simple abacus to the programmable computer, the world has seen an incredible change in the civilization and now human species advances none challenging by any other species. Charles Babbage, the father of the computer, must have never thought that his invention has the capability to make a boom in the history of science. The computer of inventions makes possible advancement in almost every field.


  1. Telephone


From the wheel to telephone, the time flies with abundant of new scientific creations  like nails, tools of agriculture. Simple and complicated machine that brings Renaissance in Britain, the invention of paper that changed everyone’s life, inventions of alphabets in different languages, invention of compass that helped in deciding direction, destination and witnessed many great voyages, and the list is never ending. However, the telephone was one of the revolutionary inventions that helped to shorten the distances of a thousand miles through a little instrument. Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 became the living legend with his iconic invention of first ever-successful bi-directional transmission that he named the electronic telephone.


  1. Printing Press


It is an old saga that necessity is the mother of inventions. I would rather say curiosity is the fuel of the inventions. The world is full of discoveries and inventions that happened because of the curious and ever-questing nature of human. After the invention of paper in China and the written ability to communicate through writing, the printing press was the next big bang in the world of communication. It fired up many other revolutions around the world and enriched the world of literature, education, mass communication, media, and others.


  1. Wheel


In 3500 BC, the first known and significant invention was “the wheel”. A very simple structure yet immensely powerful, wheel changed the method of agriculture. It gave opportunities for the non-socialized human to start the civilization based on farming. Many other inventions are associated with the wheel. Means of transportation, turbine and wells, rims, hovercraft and numerous other inventions that made the life tranquil is based on the wheel.


Nevertheless, the great inventions cannot be bound in numbers. Every big and small ingenuity like television, radio, combustion engines, light bulb, transmission devices, etc. have contributed to the welfare of human life. From the Homo sapiens to current age civilization, these inventions have laid the road of exceptional development on the earth.


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