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Brain Powered Car

With all this talk about the imminent rise of self-driving cars, the world has just got another shocking innovation to add to all of the hype. As companies like Google work on the algorithms and technology behind self-driving technology, many major automotive companies are getting behind this tech and adding it and testing it on new hypothetical cars. Places like Tesla and Toyota have said in just a few years self-driving cars will be the mainstay and main mode of automotive transportation in the upcoming years.

Recently in China, a group of researches have been developing the world’s first brain powered car in the city of Tianjin. The Chinese researches say that this is built off entirely just the brain.

Team Brain Power

The team from Nankai University has spent two years making this technology real and feasible. The way it works is by equipping a driver with equipment that picks up their brain signals and lets them control the motion of the car. It allows the driver to think if it would like to go forward, backwards, stop the car or take it to a stop. Also t be able to lock and unlock the car.

This is all done without moving the extremities of the body. The head researcher Zhang Zhao has said that the equipment uses 16 sensors that capture EEG (electroencephalogram) signals through the brain and allows for it to control the car. They can convert the signals through a program they created that lets the car move.

He stated “The tester’s EEG signals are picked up by this (brain signal-reading) equipment and transmitted wirelessly to the computer. The computer processes the signals to categorize and recognize people’s intention, and then translates them into control command to the car. The core of the whole flow is to process the EEG signals, which is done on the computer.”

Researchers say that being distracted behind the wheel is unfounded because they do not have to be in focus the entire time for the car to keep driving. This is only necessary when they have to switch lanes, or change speeds. This type of equipment paired with self driving cars is the ultimate goal for this project.

Potential Uses

The uses for this vary but most importantly it is aimed towards helping people. The idea behind this new technology is to help merge it with self-driving cars produced by Google and brain powered cars. This technology can work symbiotically to allow for a better driving experience that is both safer and more efficient.

However if your are not drowning in money and your financial state is more or less on a budget, obtaining one of these new brain powered cars is a hefty price. I’m sure that some technology gurus will resort to selling there previous car and saving for one of these. Actively applying for a car title loan may be a viable option to be  among the first people to drive a brain powered car.

 Zhang also said there were different aspects and reasons for starting this project. He said “The first one is to provide a driving method without using hands or feet for the disabled who are unable to move freely; and secondly, to provide healthy people with a new and more intellectualized driving mode.” Currently the car can only travel in a straight line and they are slowly pushing for more research and testing it to become a reality to soon be combined with the inevitable coming of the self-driving car revolution.


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