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Could Technology Be Ruining Company Culture?

Technology has advanced in an extraordinary way, especially in the past couple of years. It will only continue to improve, which is why organizations have to utilize technology to keep up with the masses. Technology is meant to improve the workplace, but what happens when employees are unhappy with the technology available for their position? You then see employees become disengaged, which can reduce productivity and efficiency. It might be hard for upper management to determine if technology is ruining company culture, but here are some ways you might know.


Poor internet connection

Several jobs require the use of a computer and internet access to complete a portion of the business. When the internet connection is slow, is slows down productivity. As an example, I worked at a hotel that required the use of internet access to do almost everything, including check guests in and out, work with direct billing, and process credit card payments. Unfortunately, there always seemed to be one problem or another with the internet connection, which caused a lot of stress on employees because guests were dissatisfied. You can see how company culture was ruined because of internet technology. A simple fix of a better provider or service could greatly increase employee productivity and engagement.


Using technology to micromanage

Project management tools are a great way to utilize productivity among employees. This type of technology becomes a problem when upper management uses it to micromanage employees. There is no reason to constantly track everything your employee does. If there is a specific project that needs to be completed, and it is not completed on time, then you can go back into the project management tool to get a better understanding as to why the project took longer to complete. You have to trust in your employees and that they are doing their job. Spending time checking in to make sure employees aren’t wasting too much time at lunch or leaving early is not a good use of time. Again, most project management tools allow you go back and review past employee actions for projects, so if there is a problem you should find it.


Employee work outside of work

Technology has come so far that some employees have a company cell phone or laptop that they take with them when they leave the office. Emails come in on the cell phone app and you have employees continuing to work during nonwork hours. Several employees eat at their desk during lunch to keep up with projects. Sometimes upper management doesn’t get to see the extra work employees are putting in. This ruins company culture because you want to give employees the acknowledgement that they can move up within the company and that hard work pays off.


Take how your company uses technology and work to make sure it is not ruining company culture. In order to do this you have to make sure employees are outcome oriented, people oriented, team oriented, and detail oriented. Combining these dimensions with positive use of technology will ensure a productive company environment.

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